MDD Design is a company incorporated since 2002 with the aim of providing products and services in the interior designing market. The company took over businesses from companies such as Vilux Design & Furniture and Majestic Design & Deco Sdn Bhd. These companies have been undertaking works in the field of interior designing and furniture manufacturing since 1989.

This take over exercise not only acquired the physical resources but also expertise in the field of interior designing and furniture manufacturing. To further enhance our competitive advantage in the industry and deliver high quality products and services, we have equipped ourselves with plant and equipment for both woodworking and panel work technology from Germany.

We take pride in being knowledgeable through all phases of project development, not only interior design works and custom furnishings but construction works as well for both small and large scale, from family housing to commercial renovations. Our scope of experience is including hotel guest room, corporate office, retail outlet, and residential projects.


We strive to create all the need for comfort living and lifestyle for every Malaysian home.

Our mission is to design the project to the most economical and functional way yet still architecturally pleasing. Each design must meet the specifications given and the need or requirement of the client and designer itself.

We specialize in all types of interior projects ranging from commercial to residential. All projects will be handle with attention and details by our designers. Therefore, we can assist our client to save their time as well as their budget. We prioritize in giving perfection and excellence in our projects.


  • 15 Years Diversifying Interior Design Experience
  • Knowledge in Multi Concept of Design
  • Compelling & Comprehensive Services perform by Qualified Design Practitioner
  • Provide One Stop Service for your convenience
  • FREE Consultation
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